5G – A New Era of Hyperconnectivity…Sell 4G to Get There

By September 10, 2018Blog, Case Study

Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius once wrote, “the impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” For applications depending on wireless connectivity, the impediment has always been bandwidth, latency and reliability. While improvements from 2G, 3G to 4G represented evolutionary changes, 5G is being touted as revolutionary, a direct alternative to wireline networks and paving the way to transformative solutions.

5G’s fiber-like performance, achieved through higher frequency waves, small cells, and beam forming technology, promises ultra-reliable, low latency communication for both high and low bandwidth applications. 5G is expected to deliver symmetrical performance of 1Gbps with millisecond latency and will be a great fit for time-sensitive and bandwidth-intensive applications.

For a decade, futurists have predicted wireless will replace terrestrial broadband and all the headaches that go with it. 5G has the potential to fulfill these predictions. It can deliver high-resolution video with uniformity and perhaps, the most impactful, is for Internet of Things (IoT) and smart devices, with the promise to connect millions of devices in one square mile. Specifications for 5G were completed last year and with major hardware manufacturers conducting interoperability and field trials now, initial commercial deployments are expected in 2019. However, ubiquity is not expected until 2025.

In the Meantime…How Does a Sales Partner Win Wireless Business Now and Position for the 5G Future?
The simple answer is to be the trusted advisor for 4G LTE 4G+ /LTE-A or Pre 5G connectivity today and help customers develop their plans to incorporate 5G in the future. 4G LTE will co-exist with 5G just as 3G has with 4G. Mobile network operators have invested billions into 4G LTE and it still has a lot to give. LTE Advanced and Advance Pro will take 4G LTE to download speeds exceeding 1 Gbps.

Where and Why do Companies Need 4G Today?
Business continuity is number one on the list as incorporating a wireless WAN connection for failover provides inherent resiliency. SD-WAN represents a generational opportunity for sales partners to secure their customers’ WAN networks and there is no better time to provide a 4G connection for every node than when selling an SD-WAN solution. SD-WAN is also a logical step to ready your customer for 5G as SD-WAN is inherently connectivity agnostic.

Followed closely by business continuity, 4G is deployed out of necessity when there is no practical choice other than wireless connectivity. Many customers have sites unreachable through reliable terrestrial networks, stand-alone kiosks that need connectivity, or locations/events requiring temporary connections. Finally, it is hard to find a customer without an Internet of Things initiative and there is no IoT without connectivity. While there are lots of flavors of IOT protocols for both LAN and WAN, LTE M is being deployed by many carriers as a low energy low bandwidth solution specifically for IOT devices powered with batteries exclusively. The bottom line is that providing 4G solutions to your customers today will position you for to be the trusted advisor for 5G.

The new era of 5G and hyperconnectivity is already starting.

Intelisys recently formed a partnership with Globalgig to deliver mobility and wireless connectivity solutions for 4G LTE, pre-5G and eSIM solutions. Globalgig is a global MVNO with a patented Multi-IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) SIM card that enables Intelisys Sales Partners to deliver a combination of wireline and wireless solutions seamlessly, securely and uninterrupted in over 200 countries.

Article by Ernest Cunningham, CEO – Globalgig


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