Business Broadband

Business Broadband from Globalgig works seamlessly and hand-in-hand with Globalgig hosted VoIP and SIP Trunking solutions. Business Grade Broadband products from Globalgig will support VOIP phone service, and can also be utilized to meet your data transmission requirements.

Selecting The Best Product

We offer a wide range of solutions and suppliers with speeds ranging from 384kbps to 45Mbps, a choice of asymmetric or symmetric access, and a range of service level guarantees.

With Globalgig Business Broadband, we offer your organization the right solution whether you are connecting to the internet for web and email, running business critical applications, linking your remote sites, or operating a virtual private network.

Connect your enterprise in the way that best suits your business and budget. We partner with multiple top-tier circuit providers and offer a wide variety of service plans.

Business Internet comes with the following:

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Dynamic or Static IP Addresses
  • Service Level Guarantee

Why Work With Globalgig For Your Business Internet Circuits?

Globalgig offers expertise in assessing user requirements and procuring and provisioning the ideal circuit solution. We also act as your technical advocate to provide ongoing support and troubleshooting with the circuit providers. Navigating the complexities of maintaining circuit performance is not an easy task. With a circuit from Globalgig, you have an expert technical team on call.

If you are using a high speed internet circuit from Globalgig to carry your VoIP phone traffic, performance issues may have a significant impact on call quality. We have the monitoring tools to insure you get the service you contracted for. And, just as we would for customers buying high speed internet lines from us for data traffic, we are a technical resource to help you get the right circuit for your business and insure performance in accordance with specifications for the duration.

Do you need to communicate more effectively and securely between multiple locations?

Organizations with anything more than a handful of locations face high cost to bring up a new location and the burden of managing equipment at each location, especially when they’re scattered across the country.

A multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) network delivers the results you are looking for.

Connecting Remote Locations

At Globalgig, we can help you configure, maintain and monitor an MPLS network that will move your data and voice traffic efficiently and effectively over a wide geographic area.

Eliminate Capital Expenditures

With no more need to have expensive equipment such as routers and firewalls at every location, your business can refocus its investments in other areas.

Low Administration

Having an MPLS network gives your company the ability to focus on your core business.

Remote Access

Provide access to traveling users who need to utilize mission-critical applications within your IT perimeter.

Broaden your business

Globalgig’s business broadband keeps you and your entire office connected

Why Businesses Outgrow Their VPNs

Virtual Private Networks allow businesses to use low-cost DSL lines and small, sometimes inexpensive, hardware devices to create, in a sense, a private network. VPNs for the most part are a great solution for the small to medium sized enterprise, however it comes at a high price.

With bandwidth needs expanding to accommodate today’s business applications, VPNs lose much of their appeal. Businesses often need a more robust solution, and it’s in these situations where MPLS Broadband works best.

The Globalgig MPLS Broadband Solution

Globalgig is able to deliver a private network at reasonable cost, giving you a totally secure, managed solution. With this service, you are assured that performance is adequate and sustainable for applications such as Video Surveillance, Point of Sale, VoIP and many more.