Platform-agnostic SD-WAN solution individualized for every enterprise

Unbiased and carrier independent approach to SD-WAN solution development delivers optimized solutions every time.


Globalgig Connect

One provider, world-wide reach, carrier independent

Optimize global network connectivity and streamline deployment. Learn how Globalgig can help you orchestrate hyperconnectivity.


Managed Network Services

For high network availability and performance

Learn more about how Globalgig can manage you network and devices to improve operational efficiencies & uptime.


Wireless WAN - Failover

Avoid the high cost of network downtime

Learn more about why a secondary connectivity with automatic switch over so vital systems stay connected.


IoT & M2M

Connect and monitor vital equipment with SIM solutions fitting any appetite

Learn more about how Globalgig can get your devices hyperconnected.


International Mobile Data

International mobile broadband for business continuity

Find out more on why our Globalgig SIM cards can help your business save money while travelling the globe.


Fixed Location Wireless

4G LTE for temporary, mobile and remote connections

Find out more on why your business could benefit from a Fixed Mobile Solution.


Orchestra Client Portal

Simplify Connectivity Management

Globalgig’s API-based connectivity management platform gives customers a single-pane-of-glass management for wireline and wireless services. Powerful API extensibility streamlines administration.


POTs Replacement

Tired of rising prices for plain old telephone lines (POTS)?

Lower cost by converting POTS lines to reliable cellular or VoIP connections for voice, emergency and fire panel lines.


SIP Trunking

Secure and seamless SIP connections for global enterprise communications

Find out more on why SIP Trunking from Globalgig offers a flexible migration path to your next-generation communications infrastructure.


Hosted PBX

Superior hosted platform with emphasis on mobility and UC

Globalgig’s experience in voice, coupled with mobility has driven the development of one of the most robust Hosted PBX solution in the industry.


Hosted PBX Features List

Delivering Full PBX Functionality From The Cloud

Feature rich with over 50 mission critical features, with emphasis on mobility and unified communications


Cloud Fax

Scale your enterprise fax requirements combining flexible features and advanced functionality

Find out more on how Globalgigs cloud fax solutions can help with more efficient fax communications.



One SIM. 4G LTE. On-shore & Off-shore.

High capacity and low latency communications for devices on vessels, rigs and platforms off-shore, with on-shore coverage in over 200 countries.



SIM options from Globalgig

Enabling people and resources to connect ubiquitously and seamlessly world-wide.



Extend the WAN/SD-WAN edge

Securely deliver enterprise-grade networking for remote workers.


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Simplify your global communications with a custom plan