SIP Trunking

The ideal solution for businesses with locations spread across a wide geographic area

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SIP Trunking

Reduce network complexity

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunks combine your voice and data networks, eliminating the hassle of combined PRI/analog systems and isolated systems across multiple locations of the same firm.

  • Reduces the complexity of multiple providers, trunks and PBXs
  • Simplifies processes, especially for firms with multiple sites, by combining voice and data in one hub
  • Improved business continuity due to managing voice systems on large-capacity data network

Private Network

Superior performance and call quality on Globalgig’s private network and not the public Internet.

Global Reach

Achieve end-to-end global SIP connectivity through Globalgig’s extensive international coverage.

Save on Long-Distance Charges

Call anywhere in the Lower 48 or Canada as part of your Globalgig SIP Trunking bundle.

Keep your Existing Hardware

Continue to utilize the equipment and telephones you already own. No need to switch.

Streamline your Communications Platform

Enjoy immediate monetary advantages, while transitioning to VoIP.

Three common snags to consider before buying SIP Trunks

Stay in touch with a telephony system supported by the latest technology

IP PBX Compatibility

Globalgig SIP Trunks are compatible with a number of IP PBX types available in the marketplace. If your PBX supports SIP over TCP or UDP, our service will work for you. Below are some of the more popular IP PBX types we’ve worked with in the past.

Our Specialties

Take control of your connectivity, increase your performance and expand your reach with Globalgig's solutions.

Global Network Services

Comprehensive public and private networking services covering Layer 2 and Layer 3 devices, switches, routers, virtual machines. Globalgig is uniquely positioned to integrate wireline network with wireless services to create innovative solutions.

Wireless WAN

Global 4G LTE connectivity for failover and business continuity solutions, network access for remote and hard-to-reach locations, temporary connections for conferences, events and pop-up retail shops.

Managed SD-Wan Services

We take a platform agnostic approach to SD-WAN design. We work with customers to develop their SD-WAN architecture without pre-conceived biases on the platform or network carriers. Globalgig leverages the customer’s network data and performance requirements to tailor-design the solution.

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