Establish an Instant Network

Instant wireless connectivity in remote, temporary or unconnected locations

4G LTE for Temporary, Mobile and Remote Connections

The world’s mobile workforce is about to cross the 1.5 billion mark, so the conundrum arises how to combine the mobility aspect with the need for constant connectivity.  Whether it be email access, sales portals, pricing, commodity or stock updates, the enterprise employee must be always connected.

Globalgig’s small office solutions are ideally suited for locations where traditional fiber or copper broadband services are not available. This doesn’t just have to be due to remote access beyond the reaches of networks, it can also be where temporary connectivity is required such as events or enrolment offices without the time for broadband installation or even working on a client’s premises where connectivity is available but not accessible.

Globalgig provides the hardware and the access service from one straight forward relationship that is ideally suited to remote locations, temporary offices and stand alone connectivity whether home or abroad across 100+ countries.  Partnering with industry leaders Cradlepoint and Peplink, Globalgig can provide solutions for users from 1 to 1000s.

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