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Globalgig recently carried out and completed a network update.  For more information on the network update, ordering and activating replacement SIMs or device help in connecting to the Globalgig network, please visit our FAQ page.


Why Choose Globalgig

Global Unified Communications

Today’s workers need access to important applications and business data while on the move or traveling in another country. We are committed to deploying the right technology to keep you connected from A to Z.

Increase Business Productivity

Gain competitive advantage and maximise the value of your communications and operational investments, whilst promoting the best possible productivity and IT experience for staff and other end users.

Customer Experience Driven

Bringing together our strategic know-how, creative capabilities, technology expertise, and ability to tie it all together on our Orchestra platform, our focus is providing you with innovative solutions.

Enterprise Communication Solutions

Enterprise Business Continuum

Today’s enterprise must have on-demand access to data across geographic borders, diverse communications technologies, and disparate devices in real-time. To achieve maximum productivity, agility and efficiency across any device, national or international office, or remote location in this new “business continuum,” enterprises need a single source to hyperconnect and orchestrate these disparate elements seamlessly, securely and without interruption.

Globalgig orchestrates hyperconnectivity for the enterprise business continuum with a suite of end-to-end bundled solutions including routers, modems and gateway solutions, all wrapped up with connectivity and professional service at a global level.

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Hosted VoIP for Businesses

With industry leading features at your fingertips our phone systems adapt to the way you work, with our telephony systems supporting requirements for global calling or provisioning small-scale call centers.

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Mobile Broadband Connections

Global business travel is now simple and effortless with a mobile data connection that spans the entire globe meaning that you no longer have to worry about the inconvenience and cost of international communications.

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IoT & M2M Services

Technology that talks is the next phase in technological advancement that has the potential to change the way we live and work, making life easier and more efficient, connected SIM cards can bring things to life.

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Temporary & Remote Connectivity

Setting up a pop-up shop or a temporary office can be instantaneous combining our mobile network service with our advanced hardware, making the transition between head office and temporary office seamless.

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Business Failover Solutions

Never again suffer the losses of an IT outage that leaves your business in the dark when the answer is just as simple as having a dependable failover solution in place ready to kick in the moment you lose connectivity.

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Retail Continuum

Gain competitive advantage against your competition and ensure your business is always-on with technology that is secure, highly reliable, and designed to excel in situations where every minute counts.

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