Comprehensive and Integrated Managed Network Services Available Across all Carrier Platforms

Network and device management to improve operational efficiencies and uptime

Globalgig provides comprehensive and integrated managed services available across all carrier platforms

Our managed services are delivered by experienced network technicians that proactively monitor the network and ticket management. Providing cost effective hardware and software support with flexible CPE solutions, Globalgig’s Managed Services delivers the single point of support for your global network and deployed devices.

Our redundant NOCs ensures service continuity for enterprise-grade customer care for both wireless or wireline services. Service level options are available, including:

Flexible Service Levels

3 service tiers from monitoring to network and flow intelligence

Integrated Visibility

Real-Time Web Interface with complete view of network and devices

Real-time View

Dashboard and reporting from industry-leading monitoring system

Ticketing & Reporting

Comprehensive support including escalation to network providers and hardware vendors, managed through incident resolution and remediation

Device Configuration & Maintenance

Configuration support based on business requirements and ongoing maintenance for firmware upgrades and software patches


  • Increased Visibility
    • Complete visibility of the network environment with real-time web interface
    • Extensive range of network management tools & reports
    • Full view of device status
  • Reduce Complexity
    • One portal to manage across multiple networks
    • Integrated view across the entire network infrastructure
    • Single point of contact & accountability
  • Business Alignment
    • Relevant network data available for performance improvement
    • Application of business-specific rules based on device criticality & event type
    • Collection and correlation of events from multiple devices
  • Better User Experience and Increased Productivity
    • Optimize circuit capacity utilization
    • Enhance resiliency and business continuity
    • Improve application quality and performance

3 Flexible Service Tiers


Hardware and circuit monitoring, increase visibility via network dashboard and reporting


Essential tier plus configuration, firmware and software management


Plus tier and network and flow intelligence, application monitoring

Professional Services

Because there are always unforeseen needs, Globalgig also provides professional services that’s available on an hourly or project basis.  Our professional services team can supplement client staff with services such as changes to non-standard protocols, advanced device configuration, network redesign/optimization, etc.  Typical professional services include:

Level 1: Remote Hands and Basic Troubleshooting
  • hardware racking
  • cabling assistance
  • remote hands
  • basic networking assistance
  • port management
  • VLAN management
Level 2: Support and Configuration
  • networking assistance
  • VPN support
  • network creation
  • network and connectivity troubleshooting
Level 3: Design, Architecture and Implementation
  • backup and disaster recovery
  • storage area networking
  • scripting
  • VMware implementation
  • VoIP, advanced networking
  • packet shaping
  • QoS
  • routing protocols
  • traffic analysis

Our Specialties

Take control of your connectivity, increase your performance and expand your reach with Globalgig's solutions.

Managed SD-Wan Services

We take a platform agnostic approach to SD-WAN design. We work with customers to develop their SD-WAN architecture without pre-conceived biases on the platform or network carriers. Globalgig leverages the customer’s network data and performance requirements to tailor-design the solution.

Global Network Service

Comprehensive public and private networking services covering Layer 2 and Layer 3 devices, switches, routers, virtual machines. Globalgig is uniquely positioned to integrate wireline network with wireless services to create innovative solutions.

Wireless WAN

Global 4G LTE connectivity for failover and business continuity solutions, network access for remote and hard-to-reach locations, temporary connections for conferences, events and pop-up retail shops.

IoT & M2M Services

Connected devices are sensors are changing the business landscape. Simplify global networking for IoT & M2M applications. Our multi-carrier SIM card can bring things to life.

Wireless Broadband

Global business travel is now simple and effortless with a mobile data connection that spans the entire globe so you no longer have to worry about the inconvenience and cost of international communications.

Business Voice

Our Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking services adapt to the way you work, communicate and collaborate. Our business voice services support requirements for global calling and provisioning small-scale call centers.

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