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Offering a full suite of global wireless, mobility, voice and managed network solutions, Globalgig is a unique service provider that can bring integrated connectivity services worldwide. Read these real views direct from our customers and users.

Globalgig mobile broadband: for use at home and while roaming overseas

“Globalgig’s mobile broadband SIM cards are great if you want to add Internet access to a mobile broadband-enabled tablet, or if you are planning on going travelling overseas. Indeed, you can use Globalgig’s SIM cards for data access in many countries without having to deal with sky-high prices per megabyte, but the company offers its best rates for the USA, UK, and Ireland.”

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Globalgig SIM

Globalgig: Australian Review

“Globalgig’s deals across the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland are rock solid. The process is equally simple when you’re travelling to any of 36 other locations. You roam onto the T-Mobile network in the States, onto Three in the UK, and onto other partnered networks — like Telekom (itself partnered with T-Mobile) in Germany, for example. When you touch down and switch on your smartphone or tablet or hotspot, within a few minutes, you’ll be hooked up — provided you have everything set up correctly otherwise. … If you travel regularly from Australia to the US, UK, or Ireland, then there’s hardly a better option available to you than Globalgig.”

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Globalgig Hotspot: Taking the pain out of data roaming

“I love this device! On my England trip I not only used the Globalgig Hotspot to check email, I also used it to navigate with Google Maps, and I made Skype calls (though admittedly not using video). As for cost savings, on another iPhone we racked up $150 in roaming charges for next to no use (AT&T charges just under $20 per MB for international pay-per-use data roaming and $30 for 120MB on a pre-ordered plan!) so for frequent travelers the Globalgig Hotspot will save a fortune.

Bottom line: The Globalgig Hotspot is a great product and a great service and gets a Gearhead rating of 5 out of 5.”

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Customer Review from Amazon

“It is a pleasant surprise to find something which works straight `out of the box’! I liked not having to make any changes to my smartphone, laptop & iPad to get online – for once there was no need to get the IT department involved! … Globalgig’s customer service staff were good & helpful on the only occasion I needed to call – my only criticism is the rather poor battery life on the device, but this is not much of a problem if you plug it into a usb port on your notebook as this keeps it charged-up.”

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Globalgig Hotspot Device: A sensational data-roaming service

“What is extraordinary, though, is the sim inside, from a new British company called Globalgig, which is setting up deals with providers across the world for data roaming at hilariously low prices – from £10 a month for 1Gb of data to £29 a month for an elephantine 10Gb. With roaming data costing £3 to £6 per Mb (and there being 1,000Mb in a Gb) you can see how the savings, for individuals and companies, are simply absurd. And it works. I’ve tried it. From a fiscal point of view, if not technically, it’s sensational.”

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4G/LTE Wireless Backup Success Story

The solution is multi-carrier allowing, even more, diversity by failing over to not one but up to four LTE networks thereby providing a near foolproof approach to disaster recovery networking. More and more enterprises are adopting 4G/LTE into the fabric of their networks and Globalgig is in a position to help them do it quickly and efficiently.

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British Athletics Partners with Globalgig

British Athletics has today announced that Globalgig as the official supplier of mobile data services for the organisation. The agreement will provide wireless data access in 82 global destinations eliminating high roaming charges and use of unsecured public Wi-Fi networks.

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